Compare Auto Loan Quotes to Save More Every Month

Commuting every day to work in crowded buses or traveling in jam-packed metros is a nightmare. It is for this reason that cars are being given a serious thought. If you own a vehicle, you can go places and get your work done faster. Cars are beyond doubt an essential element of every home!

Driving a car is an amazing experience, but buying it is a great pain. Why? Well, affordability is the main reason. Even used cars have become very expensive these days. One can buy a car only with an auto loan. And is getting loans, easy? I wish it was.

Walking down to every lender, filling up several forms, waiting for loan approval, too much, eh? Want to turn this awful experience into a fabulous one? Want to make it more quick and easy?

By the end of this article; you will be having an exact idea of getting that auto loan which has been so far elusive.

“Any Sufficiently Advanced Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic” – Arthur C. Clarke

Truly, internet is magic. There is no denying that. It has ushered in an age of quick solutions to everyday problems. It has made the tedious auto loan process very simple. The era of waiting has long gone. So, without wasting any time, let’s comprehend the entire process of getting online auto loans.

To Do It the Right Way, It Is Important To Know It Well

When you have to avail instant loans, it is important that you do your homework. You will have to consider how much you can afford to pay and also take care of your credit score.

Money Matters

No matter what any lender tells you, never go for a loan when you cannot afford it. Lenders have the habit of luring you into their schemes and when you cannot pay they just take away your car.

So, please consider how much you can pay and then go for a loan.

What’s Your Score?

Your credit history has a lot to do with your loan approval ratio. Avail your free credit score from Check for any errors and make sure you know your exact credit score. This is important because you will at least know where to apply.

Are You Ready For an Online Shopping Experience?

Get online to search for reliable lending companies. Online companies partner with several institutions to help you avail instant loans.

Different Companies Work In Different Fashion

Few companies work with a particular network of dealers. If a dealer approves your loan, you will have to go him in order to choose your car. Now, if you don’t like any car, you can move on to the next dealer who offered you the next-best deal.

Then, there are companies who do not work with any specific dealer group. Such companies will approve an amount for you, which can be used at any dealer. This method is more common than the previous.

Online lenders will have one common thing in their websites. It is the “Get a Quote” option. When you click on that option, you will get a loan application form. You will have to fill in your personal details like your SSN, employment history, income, existing mortgage, current loan payments, etc. If you have already chosen your car, the car’s VIN is asked. Also details about the dealer will be requested.

Be sure to complete the application form and don’t give any deceiving information. A small difference in income or employment date can cause major changes in your interest rate.

Once you fill the form, the site will send your quote to several affiliated lenders. These lenders will send it to the local lender (of your area). After the local lenders compete for your application, you will receive a list of lenders who are keen to offer you loans.

It may happen that your application is accepted by several lenders and you will have the option of choosing any one. It is also a possibility that you may only be given the name of the lender who offered you the best deal.

Whatever the procedure, you shouldn’t really settle on any company without due deliberation.

Compare Quotes

You must compare quotes and not rely on any one online lender. Make use of the “Compare Quotes” option. With it, you will be able to make a side by side comparison of quotes.

It is important to have a broad perspective and understand every aspect before signing the dotted line. So when you compare your quotes, you must keep the following factors in mind:

1. Be Cautious

You need to realize that there are several loan sharks lurking to trick you. You should be alert while dealing online. Ascertain the company’s reputation. Read its privacy policy. You shouldn’t decide on a company if it asks to pay a huge up- front fee.

Also check the security of the website. If the URL doesn’t begin with HTTPS, it is not secured. Never share your personal details on such a site.

2. The Total Cost

There are several costs that are not obvious but form an important part of your loan. You will have to pay origination/processing fees and several other charges to the lender. Be aware of all the hidden costs associated with the loan.

Make sum of all the monthly payments, fees and charges. Once you do that, it will be very easy to compare the loan quotes.

3. APR

Lower the APR, the Better It Is!

The Annual Percentage Rate includes interest rate and all the fees and charges. It is shown in percentage and reveals the real yearly cost of the loan. If APR is lower, you will have to spend less on the loan.

When you compare APR, you will come to know that it is not always true that lower interest rates are beneficial. They are good when coupled with lower fees. So, don’t go for a loan just because it is available at lower interest rates.

4. Loan Term

Stay Away From Longer-Term Especially When Buying a Car

Any car depreciates as soon as you drive off the lot. A longer-term loan will be dangerous as you will be carrying more risk of owing more than the value of your car. You will have more chances of getting stuck with an upside down loan.

5. Payment Liberties

You can always benefit by making few extra payments. See if you can negotiate and have pre-payment privileges. Compare loans on the basis of number of extra payments allowed.

Also check for any pre-payment penalty. There are lenders who will impose a penalty for paying off the loan early. You shouldn’t agree on such a term as it is of no benefit to you.

If you consider all the factors, it will be useful to eliminate those scam websites. The internet is useful only when you are guarded.

Get online, stay vigilant and you will find that affordable auto loan within just few clicks.

Choose wisely and don’t forget to compare!!!

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